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6/1/2009...........This website will no longer be updated! Please visit my new one!

If you are interested in buying one of my birds, E-mail me.

Normal or Dilute Gouldian Finch...............$75 each ($140 for a pair)
I might be willing to trade for other Gouldians for genetic diversity.
Currently Available Email me at to see what I have.

Misc. Pictures

An older picture of the aviary.

My yellow(orange) head, purple chest, green back male, Kona. One of my first Gouldians.

A yellowback hen, a normal male, and a normal hen.

Here's an adorable juvenile learning how to sing.

Junior courting Kiwi. Scroll below to see the video!

Both birds shown here are single factor males. The reason why they look so different is because the 'yellow' male has a white chest. It's hard to explain - Gouldian genetics are complicated!

Here's a pretty yellow hen.

Here's her again.

A young juvenile dilute male coloring out.

Kona's son, Junior.

A momma Gouldian and three of her babies.

My very first blueback male and a split to blue female (who unfortunately passed away after getting eggbound.) :(

This is a young white-breasted hen who's still coloring out.

A yellowback fledgling.

This is the yellowback fledgling, all grown up! His color is referred to a single factor yellow.

A handsome black headed male.

A young red head female.


In this first video, the male, Junior, is courting the hen, Kiwi. The hen is interested in the male, because she's standing close to him with her tail turned towards him. The only reason why she flies away is because the other birds scared her.

This is another courtship video between a different pair of birds.